Multi-storey Car Parks


MitteOpen all hoursOpen all hoursOpen all hours1.95 m
KatharinenklosterhofOpen all hoursOpen all hoursOpen all hours2.00 m
Am BrillOpen all hoursOpen all hoursOpen all hours2.00 m
PressehausOpen all hoursOpen all hoursOpen all hours1.95 m (1,90m)
StephaniOpen all hoursOpen all hoursOpen all hours2.00 m
Am DomOpen all hoursOpen all hoursOpen all hours2.00 m
Ostertor/KulturmeileOpen all hoursOpen all hoursOpen all hours2.00 m


Am Vegesacker Hafen7 am - 2 am7 am - 2 am7 am - 2 am
Sedanplatz7 am - 2 pm7 am - 2 pm7 am - 2 pm

BREPARK operates seven car parks in the city centre and two multi-storey car parks in Bremen Vegesack. In addition, there are numerous car parks, neighbourhood car parks for long-term parkers, park & ride facilities as well as parking facilities for bicycles.

Our parking facilities are very well equipped in technical terms. When paying you can choose between cash or one of our cash-free alternatives, such as the prepaid and easy card or your debit card.

Our facilities have state-of-the-art emergency call systems. The cash point areas, entrances and exits and special zones on the parking decks (e.g., women-only parking spaces) have CCTV monitoring.

In the event of a technical fault, you will receive support from our competent staff at our control centre around the clock.

We attach great importance to convenient parking. Our BREPARK Am Brill, Katharinenklosterhof, Am Dom, Ostertor / Kulturmeile and Stephani  multi-storey car parks have already been modernised to the latest standards. In the BREPARK Am Brill and Am Dom facilities, we also offer XXL parking with extra-large parking spaces, which has proven very popular.

Parking around the clock? No problem with BREPARK! All our city car parks are open to you 24 hours per day.

Parking tariffs in all BREPARK houses are charged in 1/2-hourly cycles: You will find all information on the websites of the individual multi-storey car parks.

Please note that the tariffs shown in the parking facilities always apply. Our general terms and conditions can be found here.

Any other questions? We will be happy to advise you in our customer centre. We are there for you from Monday to Friday from 8.00 am to 4.30 pm and on Wednesdays until 5.30 pm.

You are welcome to contact us directly.

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