BREPARK is an active member of many associations and interest groups.

As an important urban centre in the north-west Germany, Bremen's city centre offers its visitors an attractive combination of historical ambience, a varied cultural program and a wide range of shopping opportunities.

Since 1993, CityInitiative Bremen Werbung e.V. has been active in representing the interests of the inner city business community, consisting of about 150 member companies, promoting the consistent further development of Bremen's inner city. Over the past 15 years we have managed to build up constructive cooperation between the political, administration and retail sectors and to use them for a common goal - the upgrading of the inner city location.

CityInitiative Bremen Werbung eV develops joint events, media and marketing programs in cooperation with WFB Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen GmbH, the Senate Offices and Bremen Tourist Centre (BTZ), as well as other partners, the success of which is reflected in the high number of visitors and increased sales in Bremen's city centre.

Vegesack Marketing e.V. is a registered association and sees itself as a service provider for the local area with its diverse interests and needs. This organisation grew out of the former City Marketing Vegesack, an advertising collective for businesses and, in 2010, it opened itself up with a new goal to all players wishing to participate in the economic upturn in our district and thus also in the whole of Bremen. Aiming to promote the development of Vegesack as a centre for shopping, leisure, culture and maritime tourism, we want to increase the economic strength and thus the quality of life of the entire region north of Bremen.

The main focus of our work is the interdisciplinary cooperation between the various groups, institutions and bodies, so that they all pull together in the interests of the location. This is also reflected in the membership of our collective: in addition to small and large companies, there are lawyers, private individuals, associations, restaurateurs and hoteliers, as well as our new Haven Höövt shopping centre.

The resources and capacities of the individual are always limited and everything is much more difficult when you go it alone, which is why Vegesack Marketing aims to jointly and proactively shape Vegesack's future.

The functions of the board of directors and the office are varied, ranging from the arrangement of the location to attract visitors from near and far, through varied campaigns in the shopping streets, and promotional work for the location in the print media, to press and public relations work, the organisation of regional events, the provision of tourist information and the promotion of tourism development in the area north of Bremen.

The "Ansgari" innovation area formally became Bremen's first "Urban District Improvement" project on 2 October 2009. The necessary contract under public-law was ratified between the Municipality of Bremen (represented by the Department of Economics) and CS City-Service GmbH. This marked the start of the task force's work on Germany's smallest UDI project, the first such project in Bremen.

In November 2009, the local community launched the project with a small celebration and the first action of the "Ansgari" UDI project was the purchase of new Christmas lights.

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On September 1, 1984, "Katharina" opened, the first shopping arcade in Bremen. At the same time, the commercial community, consisting of all the business owners in the arcade, came together.

The retailers in the Katharinen-Passage offer a varied, high-end product range. Here the visitor will find everything from the finest silverware or watches and jewellery to high-quality lingerie. Both young gentlemen and the ladies in the prime of life will find fine tailoring to clothe them from head to toe.

However, culinary pleasures are also catered to, for example in the "Stadtwirt" restaurant.

The idea of building a roof, thus creating the LLOYD PASSAGE®, was proposed in around 1984 in the former Horten department store (Galeria Kaufhof).

The original idea was a very simple awning for the area adjoining the department store. The enthusiastic response to the idea of the awning​within Karstadt prompted the development of the concept and the campaign to gain the backing of the other local businesses. The foundation was laid for the one and only privately-funded shopping arcade on public property.

In 1987, the Interessengemeinschaft LLOYD PASSAGE® interest group was founded as the sponsors of the construction project.

The LLOYD PASSAGE® officially opened on 30 April 1990.

Since then, the visitor numbers speak for themselves: this contemporary and innovative measure to enhance the city centre has proven to be a hit with both the people of Bremen and tourists:

These days, the LLOYD PASSAGE® has a wide range of shops. The LLOYD PASSAGE® has also become a popular meeting place. Numerous events also take place there.

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In the summer of 1999, Schlachte Marketing und Serviceverband e.V. was founded by BTZ Bremer Touristik-Zentrale GmbH, Großmarkt Bremen GmbH, as well as several restaurateurs and ship operators on the Schlachte Weser Promenade in Bremen. As stated in the statutes of this "advertising collective", the aim of the marketing association is to represent the tourism offerings on the Schlachte Weser Promenade in Bremen, on both the land and water side, whether already existing, to be created or to be developed, and to operate a shared marketing campaign. Through advertising and sales promotion activities, the members aim to attract visitors from all relevant target groups for their own offerings and those of the collective. The goal is the long-term establishment of the Schlachte Weser Promenade as a central element in Bremen city tourism offerings, as a recreational area for visitors to Bremen city centre and for all of Bremen's citizens.

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