The development of BREPARK

Due to the great demand, a separate long-term parking area will be created in the BREPARKhaus Ostertor / Kulturmeile in February 2020. A total of 56 parking spaces are available in this area.

The corona pandemic has left its mark on BREPARK. Nevertheless, all parking facilities remain open to customers with the usual good service. Individual solutions are found with tenants of catering establishments and retail stores to support them in the corona pandemic.

The 3rd basement of the BREPARKhaus Am Sedanplatz has been a cultural monument since April 2020. This parking deck was equipped in the 1970s as a shelter for around 4,000 people in the event of a nuclear attack.

Since May 1st, 2020, BREPARK has also been managing car park P1 on the grounds of the University of Bremen with a total of 165 parking spaces with modern parking technology.

In October, BREPARK opens the BREPARKplatz Klinikum Bremen-Mitte in the street Am Schwarzen Meer. 180 parking spaces will be created in the first construction phase.

In May 2021, BREPARK will be the first parking space operator in Bremen to introduce contactless parking using license plate recognition in the BREPARKhaus Pressehaus.

After the start of the renovation work on the BREPARK administration building in April 2020 and the associated temporary departure of the employees, the renovation work was largely completed in May 2021.

BREPARK has been operating the bicycle parking garages at Bremen Central Station on its own since July 2021. Over 1,600 bicycle parking spaces are available here.

The 2nd construction phase of the BREPARKplatz Klinikum Bremen-Mitte will be completed in September 2021. 315 parking spaces are now available on the BREPARK.

Since November 2021, contactless parking using license plate recognition has also been available in the BREPARKhaus Am Dom and Am Brill.

In January 2018, BREPARK will create 28 new disabled parking spaces in the multi-storey car parks in Bremen City. In total, parking customers can now use 68 handicapped-accessible parking spaces in the BREPARK buildings in downtown Bremen.

After a year-long construction phase, the Am Dom bicycle parking garage will open in February 2018. Bremen cyclists and cycle tourists now have 42 bicycle boxes with e-bike charging stations and 48 bicycle parking spaces in a central location. The BREPARK bicycle parking garage is right next to the BREPARKhaus Am Dom in Wilhadistraße 1 and is the first fully automated bicycle parking garage of its kind in Bremen.

In November 2018, BREPARK celebrated its 60th birthday in the Lloydpassage.

In May 2019, BREPARK officially opened its 10th own car park with the BREPARKhaus Ciy Gate Bremen. The new BREPARK building is located with a total of around 270 parking spaces in the basement levels -2 and -3 of the City Gate Bremen hotel and commercial building.

After the renovation and modernization of the BREPARKhaus Pressehaus began in 2018, the BREPARKhaus Pressehaus has had a new look since autumn 2019.

In May 2015, BREPARK opened another BREPARK car park in Silbermannstrasse in the Überseestadt district after just two months of development. The office block at 12 Violenstrasse has been in the hands of BREPARK since August 2015 and extends the leasing portfolio. All BREPARK multi-storey carparks in Bremen city centre and in Vegesack as well as the BREPARKplatz Bürgerweide, are now equipped with the latest SKIDATA parking technology.  The modernized BREPARKhaus Violenstraße in Wilhadistraße will be renamed BREPARKhaus Am Dom in January 2017. With the new name, the central location in the immediate vicinity of St. Petri Cathedral and the "Glocke" concert hall is also made clear. & Nbsp;

In June 2017, the construction work on the facade of the BREPARKhaus Stephani will start with ongoing operations. After completion of the work, the BREPARKhaus Stephani appears in a new look since December 2017.

In the BREPARKhaus Stephani, Mitte, Am Brill and Am Dom, new charging stations for electric vehicles have been available since September 2017.

Due to the great demand, the second XXL parking floor will open in December 2017 in the BREPARKhaus Am Brill. The number of XXL parking spaces has now increased to a total of 149.

In May 2012 the renovation of the BREPARK Violenstrasse multi-storey car park was completed after 10 months and had its public launch. From now on, the customers could park in a brightly painted multi-storey car park according to a uniform design concept, with extra-wide XXL parking spaces in the basement.

In May 2013, BREPARK celebrated its 55th birthday with many guests in the Lloyd Passage.
In 2013 the BREPARK Ostertor / Kulturmeile multi-storey car park was renovated and redesigned according to the uniform BREPARK design concept. As part of the renovations, 18 new women only and disabled parking spaces were created.  The entrances to Bleicherstrasse and Osterdeich were completely demolished and redeveloped with plenty of glass, creating transparent, welcoming new entrance areas.

In September 2013, BREPARK opened the Überseestadt car park in Konsul-Smidt-Strasse. 154 parking spaces were created on a 7,500 square metre area. The car park is paved to a high standard and equipped with the latest LED lighting and parking equipment.
Due to high demand, it became necessary to expand the Überseestadt BREPARK car park in July 2014. After a construction period of only two-months, the second phase of the car park was completed. A total of 250 parking spaces were now available at the BREPARK Überseestadt car park.

In August 2014 the renovation of the BREPARK Mitte multi-storey car park began. Parts of the concrete surfaces, ceilings and the floor coating were renewed, as more than 50 years of use had left their mark.
In November 2014, the Katharinen-Passage arcade celebrated its 30th anniversary. As the first covered shopping arcade in Bremen, it now houses an interesting and diverse mix of retail, service businesses and restaurants.

In May 2010, BREPARK launched its Easy Card for cash-free payment of the parking charges with a special art motif by Pop Art specialist Rizzi. The prepaid card followed in September 2010, offering car park customers another option for cash-free payment.

In October 2010, during the course of modernization measures in the interior of the Katharinenklosterhof multi-storey car park, the car park entrance and the arcade entrance from the direction of "Schüsselkorb" were adapted to the new BREPARK corporate design.  In October 2010, BREPARK installed the first public charging station for electric cars in Bremen city centre in the Am Brill multi-storey car park. This enabled electric cars to be recharged for free while parking.

In July 2011, more parking spaces with charging stations were added in the Stephani and Mitte multi-storey car parks.

At the end of September 2011, BREPARK became the first car park operator in Germany to implement widespread cash-free payment of parking charges by mobile phone. This made it possible to pay for parking tickets at some 7,000 parking spaces in the city of Bremen, Bürgerweide and Bremen-Nord by SMS.

In autumn 2011, BREPARK tackled the renovation and modernisation of its Violenstrasse car park. Here, too, the new BREPARK corporate design was implemented. In addition, the entrance area was completely redesigned and equipped with the latest cash point technology. A number of convenient XXL parking spaces were created on basement level.

In May 2007, BREPARK opened its new multi-storey car park in the Stephaniviertel district.

Less than a year later, in March 2008, BREPARK celebrated its 50th anniversary.

In 2008, BREPARK also began to make its car parks more modern, clearly laid out and user-friendly. The first phase was presented to the public in the entrance and ground floor area of the Am Brill multi-storey car park in November 2008.

In May of the same year, BREPARK opened its newly built bicycle station at Vegesacker station. This provided 200 cyclists with a convenient place to park

In July 2008, BREPARK Bremer Parkraumbewirtschaftungs- und Management-GmbH was renamed BREPARK GmbH.

In April 2009, the Pressehaus multi-storey car park opened as a second round the clock car park, alongside the "Mitte" facility.

In June 2009, BREPARK launched its new BREPARK Am Brill multi-storey car park. The facility was completely modernized and designed according to a new concept with clear pictograms and signs. The guidance system in the colour of the respective parking deck indicated the shortest route to the nearest exit on the ground. Zebra crossings ensured convenience when crossing roadways.

The new design concept was gradually implemented in the six other city car parks and in the two car parks in Bremen Vegesack as part of planned maintenance activities.

Modernisation began In the Katharinenklosterhof multi-storey car park in the autumn of 2009. In spring of 2010, this BREPARK car park was also completely modernized and relaunched.

A new multi-storey car park will be built in 2005 in the middle of the increasingly developing Stephaniviertel. & Nbsp; The car park will provide space for 445 cars in an exposed location in terms of urban development, the connection between the overseas and the inner city. Completion is planned for 2007.

The Langenstrasse multi-storey car park next to the Pressehaus will be redesigned and expanded in favor of a further, attractive new multi-storey car park during ongoing operations. In September 2006 the multi-storey car park with 680 parking spaces and the new name BREPARKhaus Pressehaus can be put into operation.

In 2002, BREPARK realized a four-storey office extension for the Mitte multi-storey car park. This is where the new Citizen Service Center will be located in the middle of the city.

In June 2003, BREPARK networked its parking garages and the Bürgerweide parking lot with the central computer of its new control center. BREPARK employees are in contact with the car parks around the clock and can intervene in operations.