The Company

BREPARK GmbH is a municipal company with a long tradition. The company was founded in 1957 with the aim of eliminating the shortage of parking in Bremen's inner city.
The management of parking space in Bremen is still the focus of BREPARK's business operations. After all, if a city wants to remain attractive and lively, it must also be easy to reach with individual modes of transport. We make a key contribution to this.

Thanks to the results of regular customer surveys, we know exactly what you expect from us: Bright, inviting multi-storey car park buildings with modern technology and convenience services. Good access to the parking bays, cleanliness, safety for you, your family and your car. And, of course, friendly staff.
In total, we and our staff of 55 manage about 20,000 parking spaces, including 12,000 parking spaces in 9 of our own multi-storey car parks, neighbourhood garages, park &ride facilities and large parking lots. In addition, we provide expert services to other owners of parking facilities. Thus, for example, we manage the Bürgerweide car park, the parking lots at the Links der Weser and Bremen-Ost Clinics, and the car parks at the University of Bremen. The management is handled via a permanently staffed control centre and, of course, by our competent and friendly staff at local level.

However, BREPARK does more than manage parking spaces. BREPARK has been committed to the further development of Bremen's city centre as the beating heart of the city for many years. Whether shopping, visiting a restaurant or attending a concert, for many people, a visit to Bremen city centre begins in one of the multi-storey car parks and ends there too.

In order to increase the attractiveness of Bremen's inner city, BREPARK has traditionally acted to develop various buildings and arcades that currently house numerous commercial properties.
In addition, BREPARK is actively involved in various institutions and organizations. It is represented in clubs, initiatives and interest groups that pursue the objective of enhancing the attractiveness of Bremen's inner city, and also regularly promotes individual targeted measures.

All of these activities strongly emphasize the fact that BREPARK is committed to more than just the management of parking facilities and is responsible for the further development of Bremen's inner city as an urban community.

BREPARK – bringing you closer!